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Store careers

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Store work is full of life

Customer service is the core of Lidl. We serve more than two million customers in our stores every week. Working in our store is full of rewarding moments.

In the fast-paced store environment, every day is different. The store team consists of customer assistants, a store manager, assistant store managers and shift managers.

The team makes sure that we make our customers happy: we serve cheerfully, visiting the store is quick and effortless, the products are displayed with high quality and the store is in good order. Each of our over 200 stores country-wide is supported by a regional manager, who is responsible for the operations and sales development of three to seven stores.


We have fun at work

We take care of our employees' well-being, equal treatment and professional development. Our comprehensive onboarding helps to get started at work, and with an enthusiastic attitude, anyone has the opportunity to advance as far in their career as they want.

We want to inspire you in your career in retail. That's why we offer every Lidl employee the opportunity to develop and build their own path.

What are you thinking, future Lidler?


What kind of salary does Lidl pay?

We pay our store employees the salary according to the collective labor agreement and on top of that a 1.5-10 % Lidl bonus, the amount of which is determined by years of experience, role, and location. We pay a fixed and competitive monthly salary to the store managers and assistant store managers. We cherish pay equality: at Lidl we pay the same salary for the same work.

What kind of tasks are there in the store?

At Lidl, everyone handles various tasks in the store in a versatile manner. The most important thing is customer service. We work at the cash register, take care of the freshness of the products, unpack the stock, ensure the bakery stays topped up by baking fresh good, and clean the store.

What is it like to work in the store?

Everyday life in the store is fast-paced and rewarding. Every day in the store is different and the tasks vary during the day. At Lidl we don't get bored! With us you can be yourself.
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Learning Finnish at work

Basics of Finnish is a requirement in store work. We know Finnish is a tricky language – but we also know language skills get better the more you use the language. We assure you: your language skills do not have to be perfect. We want to encourage our employees to use Finnish at work as much as possible. Luckily, most of Lidlers and many of our customers speak also English or an other language, which can help communication.


What language should I use in my job application?

Even though you are still learning Finnish, we encourage you to write your job application in Finnish. This is a good way to get practise. We also recommend you to give us some examples in your application of situations where you have been using Finnish.